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Earl Scheib Paint & Auto Body in Phoenix strives to deliver the best service for auto painting and auto body repair in the local area. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, our customer service, and our guarantee of a job well done.

Cars can take some rough treatment through the years – scuffs, scratches, chips and stains, as well as daily wear and tear. At Earl Scheib Paint & Auto Body, we can reinvigorate the look of your car – whether it’s an everyday drive, weekend vehicle, or treasured ride – and have it looking like new again. Why not increase the value of your car and change that tired-looking paint job? We offer services on minor work like cosmetic damage and scratch repairs, panel matching, to half or full resprays, even custom jobs. Our Silver and Diamond Auto Painting services offer some of the highest quality and affordable auto painting in the area. Our friendly and expert staff use a 10-Step Program to make sure your car gets the treatment it deserves. Our advanced computer systems we can match factory production colors perfectly on site. In fact, thousands of colors are available at Earl Scheib Paint & Auto Body. We only use the best-quality paints for our work, leaving your car looking factory new again!

Earl Scheib Paint & Auto Body also offers a wide range of repair services, offering an affordable selection of bodywork and replacement parts. We know the frustration that comes from having your treasured vehicle’s bodywork damaged – that’s why our priority is our customer. Why not come in today for a free estimate with one of our friendly staff? To ensure our customer satisfaction, we also provide a fast turnaround time and rental car options. We strive to make sure that you are not put out when your car is receiving our quality and professional care. We also offer our customers great warranties for our quick and efficient service.

Earl Scheib Paint & Body accepts all insurance work and can have your car looking as good as new again. We cater for all manner of accidental body repairs, providing a cost-effective and convenient service. Our goal is to get our customers back in their cars as quickly as possible with our affordable, quality auto painting and auto body repair services. All our work is carried out to the highest possible standard, regardless of size, cause or difficulty of the job.

Whether your car has a scratch or dent, has been in an accidental or needs a full paint job, Earl Scheib Paint & Auto Body in Phoenix delivers the best job the first time every time.

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